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New Fashion Pearls

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Go Bold or Stay Home

Each season luxury costume jewellery designers re-interpret the role of pearls in fashion jewellery.

Freshwater and faux pearls are increasingly being paired with edgier elements to broaden their appeal.

Dark finishes, tangled looks, unexpected components and oversized proportions mess with traditional expectations.

This winter we’ve added spectacular new pearl styles to the Super Amazing jewellery collection…

Wow Factor Pearls

With plenty of wow-factor and attention to detail, this hi-fashion pearl story from Leetal Kalmanson is truly super amazing.

The limited edition range stars cinematic pearl necklaces and whopping pearl earrings as standard issue;

Unique and Lustrous Pearls

Freshwater pearls meet traditional handicrafts in this one of a kind collection from Pink Powder.

Expect high quality details; Biwa pearls sewn into crocheted fabrics, creamy smooth and hand-knotted pearls, elegant macrame closures and semi-precious pearl drop earrings;

See these unique designer pearls online at Super Amazing now.